Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Family Happiness

Marriage of two beings who met God in the bonds of the Sunnah of the Prophet. Like the people who will be a long journey, Departure pair of fellow travelers will navigate the vast sea of ​​life, full of caution and always be alert in order to reach your destination safely and sejahtera.
As described in the Quran ar-Rum/30:21. 'Among the signs of greatness and power of God is that He created pairs of sejenismu that (you) are getting the peace of the (pair) it, and maketh mawaddah and mercy between you. Truly that is truly there are signs for people who think. '

Marriage is a pledge between the two bride to live in pairs. In Islam, live in pairs is the nature of life. Not only humans are disett to live in pairs, but other objects, animals and plants joke by Al Qur'an also created by God in pairs. 'All things We have created pairs that you may be aware (of Allah).' (Azzariat/51: 49).

Our quality will be known and verified only after we live in pairs, as in life will be known pair of quality, capacity and human nature. In married life that a person tested of his personality, his responsibilities, motherhood, paternity, A human, toughness, patience. So great is the meaning of life married to the Prophet said that in the home life was half a religious affairs. The other half are scattered in various fields of social, economic, political, cultural and other aspects of life. In a letter ar Rum 21 had mentioned that God created humans with the environment in pairs in the couple's marriage in order to obtain peace, get sakinah.

Al Qur'an explains, people referred to as Basyar and human. Basyar human meaning in the sense of physical equations. While psychological beings implies. Said the man picked up from the word meaning nasia yansa forget the meaning of the word uns intimate, also from the word meaning anasa yanusu volatile. So humans are creatures who have intimate nature, but rather a desire to forget the turmoil and has never stopped. As human beings in a state of forgetting themselves and the influence of turbulence will, then he can not feel the serenity and tranquility of life. Now the couple husband and wife's life is that we menemukan peace, which is embellished with romance. The ideal household is like a sea of ​​taka-brimmed, all the tension, nervousness, anxiety, loneliness and fatigue will be lost if the tender docked in the port of conjugal love.

Is automatic? of course not, depending on whether the requirement is met or not. According to the traditions of the Prophet, a household will get peace and happiness when filled with the pillars, 'If God wills it a good home, then God will help achieve the following circumstances sebagaiÂ, First, there is a tendency kepada religion in the household . Second, the young and old. Third, in the daily lives hang in their meek. Fourth, simple in spending wealth. Fifth, so they are easy to repent. (HR. Dailami)


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