Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lailatul Qadar

Allah revealed the Revelation, the Great Miracle, Holy Scripture, in the evening light, sprinkled with light, luminescence of the Supreme Light, more powerful than a thousand months of light.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilany explained, "The angels in the fall, and (so is) ar-Ruh (Gabriel) in the evening." Gabriel descended along with 70 thousand angels, and he acted as its leader. Gabriel continued to greet those who were sitting (worship), while all the other angels to give one to those who are asleep. God continues to give greetings to those who stood up to him. As regards of Allah to His servants who believe that to be an expert paradise in heaven, with his word:
Qaulan min Rabbir Raheem Peace (Salam were spoken of God the Merciful). So, God is also pleased to give greetings to His servants who always do good in the world, have the grace of sublime goodness and happiness in the days' azali. That is the servant who always mortal 'or disappear from every creature, and eternal with God, always serene way to God Almighty the All-True.

On the night of Laylat al-Qadr was, nothing was left of a place but there are angels bow down there, or stand praying His faithful servant and the believing women. Except for places like churches, monasteries, temples and places of Zoroastrian gods, or some place that becomes immoral sewage. In places it is not angels kneel and pray to die.

Those angels are always praying for the believers and the believing women. Meanwhile, Gabriel, did not pray for the believers and the believing women, but just shook and shook hands with them.
If you all are in a state of worship, it is Gabriel greeting, "Hail to you, may be accepted and to get good." If you're in an adulterous encounter, Gabriel greeting, "Peace be upon you, may you get a pardon." If you encountered in sleep, Gabriel greeting, "Peace be upon you, may you get Ridla him." If you are already in the grave (dead) Gabriel greeting, "Peace be upon you the spirit of the fragrance and aroma."
Is what was spoken, "minKulliAmrinSalaam" (in all things, there Salam.)

There is no mention, that the angels were just greeted the faithful, while not in those who are immoral. Among experts that sinners are those who do kedhaliman, those who eat forbidden food, those who cut the rope sillaturrahim, pitting them, those who ate the orphan's property, they did not get the greeting of the angels. And what a disaster greater than such a disaster?

Though initiated by the grace Ramadlan months, mediated by forgiveness and ends with freedom from hell. While you do not have the part of the angel's greeting? Is not it all because you are away from the Merciful? and you also belong to the
Opponents of God and satan mensakralisasi action? You decorated with makeup facer road to hell? Similarly, because you are away and ignore the facer of the road to heaven? You also veil of God who has power over the dangers and virtues? Though the month is the month Ramadlan clarity, harmony with God the month, the month the pendzikir his people wait months and months of the shadiqin. So if there are no scars in your heart, and you do not root out immorality in your heart, away from the perpetrators and munkar, and influence what can be burned into your heart it? What do you expect from other than virtue? What are you leaving in your soul? Which happiness can be yours in there?

Remember, O man who is very sorry, for what is attached to you. Rise of kelelapan that lull you, make you negligent. Look at who gave the instructions to you, the remnants of the month you, repent and return to action. Enjoy this month with istigfar and compliance, so you reach for grace and mercy of God. You must be petrified by all the things that lead to a negative attitude to myself Weep at the instigation of dragging you to the defects of the soul, destruction and tragedy. How many people fast, but ultimately was never fast forever. Many people who stand up for worship, nature worship never forever. How many people do good, but without the reward of charity when it was over done. Amboi, whether we received fasting, worship is accepted, otherwise it is rejected and thrown into the face of our own? Amboi, how we have rejected the worship that should be accepted, and the honor of worship that should be rejected?
As word of the Prophet Muhammad,

"What a lot of people fast, but not more than hunger and thirst. How many people are up to worship, but only sheer exhaustion .."


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