Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Beat The urge of lust and sin

The new man can be spared from the disease of sin and the crimes when he believes that sin and crime is more dangerous and more memudhoratkan from a thief, snake or other wild animals and so on. And when strength, majesty and authority of God every moment into consideration.

In daily life, it looks real that people can leave the desire, willingness, and the will-the will of his heart. For instance, one who have diabetes, the doctor forbade him from actually eating sweet foods. So the man, for the sake of his life, touching sweet foods even he does not want. So as well as spiritual and motivated by sexual desire. If the majesty and power of Allah Ta'ala has embedded in his heart to the right, then the attitude will not obey God he felt worse than eating fire and is worse than death.

Many people know the power and authority, Allah Ta'ala, and he believes that many deny Him is a severe punishment, so much was exactly going away from sin, kemungkaran and away from the attitude against the law. See some people get "death" before death came. What was experienced by the akhyaar, abdaal, and quthub, what there is in them? The answer is the belief that earlier. Full knowledge and qath'i sure, for sure and in fitra force someone to a certain thing. Inkling of Allah Ta'ala can not be sufficient. Doubt is not dapt benefit. The effect has been invested only in convictions. The confident knowledge about the attributes of Allah Ta'ala, it is more of an impact than the effect caused by lightning is very scary. Because of the influence that the people bowed their heads and bowed.

So how much faith one has, as much as was then that he would avoid sin.

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