Friday, January 21, 2011

Preparing children Descendants

Preparing children Descendants

A lot of people prepare their offspring. And all their efforts, they muster for it. That is how their offspring so that, after the death they became the owner and successors for their possessions. If humans only up to a limit that's all, and he did not do anything for God, meaning it is a living hell.

What good is it for him? when he died, whether he will come umtuk see who becomes the owner of the property that legacy? And if by that he would get peace? history would have been exhausted and that he will never return to the world. Therefore, whatever is gained from such efforts, namely that an example of the life of hell in this world and also that will lead to punishment in the hereafter?

By considering the Quran syarif will note that there are two promises about not going to return again the people who have died. First, for the people of the Fire as it was spoken:

"Haroomun Wa 'alaa laa qoryatin ahlaknaahaa annahum yarji'uun - and banned for a country's population which We have destroyed that they will not come back." (Al-Anbiya: 96). The word ahlaknaahaa (We have been destroyed) is also fixed on the punishment. From that concluded that people who have broken lives will not be back again.

And so too have the same promise to the people of Paradise. "Khoolidiina fiiha laa yabghuuna anhaa hiwalaa - they will abide therein, they do not want to move from it." (Al-Kahf: 109)

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