Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Kinds of sustenance

Actually there are two kinds of sustenance. The first as ibtilaa (trials) and the second as ishthifa (optional).

Sustenance of a temptation is sustenance that does not exist any relationship with God. Even the sustenance of this one make people further away from God, until finally he lost. Toward this, Allah Ta'ala has hinted:

"laa tulhikum amwaalukum"
property you do not get you. (Al-Munaafiqun: 10)

Sustenance as ishthifa is reserved for God's sustenance. God will be protective for people like that. And everything that is on them, they regard as belonging to God alone. And that they prove their deeds of charity.

Look at the condition of the Companions of the Prophet when the trial comes, and all things that exist in one of them, all delivered in the way of Allan ta'ala. Abu Bakr ra was the most first-come, wearing a cloth hand over all his property. And Allah ta'ala has replied to the reward for the cloth, ie was he who first became caliph.

In summary to be filled by a true beauty, goodness and spiritual delights, a treasure that can be useful is a treasure that is spent in Allah's way.

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