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The ignorant think that the government opposes

Among the case ignorance is not willing to submit to the government. People are ignorant view that obedience to the government is a humility. While opposing the government, they think of as a form of virtue and freedom. Therefore, they can not be collected on top of leadership caused by the attitude of those who do not submit (the leader) and the conceit that there is in them.

Then came the religion of Islam for their menyelisihi. Islamic rule to hear and obey the government that Muslims, because in it there is benefit. Allah Almighty says
يا أيها الذين آمنوا أطيعوا الله وأطيعوا الرسول وأولي الأمر منكم
"O ye who believe, obey Allah and obey the messenger and the leader of you" (An-Nisa ': 59)

In this verse was ordered to obey the government. And he commanded to abide in good things. He also said:
لا طاعة لمخلوق في معصية الخالق
"There is no obedience to the creature in adulterous to his Maker" (Narrated by Ahmad, dishahihkan by Sheikh Al-Bany in Saheeh Al-Jami ')

And he also said:
إنما الطاعة في المعروف
"Verily obedience is only in the case that either alone" (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Shall abide by the government in addition to cases that contain disobedience to God. If the government ordered to act immoral, it is not necessary to be obeyed, but should not be opposed in the case-case to another. So this disobedience special case containing with disobedience. And it is not invalidated by bai'at to the government because of this. So do not oppose the government as long as he (the government) a Muslim. Because by keeping the government (Muslim), will be maintained unity and blood (the Muslims will be awake), and the cause of the emergence of security.

Also, people who didzalimi can ask for justice (the government) for those who mendzaliminya, restore rights to their owners, and put the law in the middle man with full justice. Although the government is not straight religion, even if he was a wicked (expert immoral) though. With notes, during the wickedness that has not reached the level of kufr as the Prophet
اسمعوا وأطيعوا, إلا أن تروا كفرا بواحا عندكم عليه من الله برهان
"Hear and obey you (your government), except when you see the disbelief is real and you have the proof in the face of God" (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

During disobedience by not kufr, then the government is entitled to be heard and obeyed. The wickedness, are the responsibility himself. While loyalty and obedience to him is for the good of the Muslims.

Therefore, when asked to some priests, "Lo So and so wicked (expert immoral), but he is one who has power. And indeed the 'Allan was a righteous but he's weak. Which one among them who deserve to be rulers? "So they answered," A wicked but powerful (more worthy to be ruler). For wickedness will return to himself, while his strength will bring benefits to the Muslims. As for the righteous one, actually kesalihannya for himself, and weakness will bring evil to the Muslims "

And still be heard and obeyed the leaders, although he was a wicked (expert immoral), even though doing evil and dzalim. Messenger of Allah said
أطع وإن أخذ مالك وضرب ظهرك
"Obey (the ruling) that, although he robbed and beat back your treasure" (Narrated by Muslim)

Since in the pass, there are more benefits than damage. And the damage that would result from the attitude of opposition to the government greater than the damage incurred due to obey him, even though he was in a state sinner. The negative impact that will arise from their resistance to the government is spill blood, loss of security and divorced-berainya unity.

And what a result obtained by people who came out of ketaaan to the government, as has been told in history? What effect is obtained when there slander of those who oppose Uthman ra?, When they rise up and revolt and kill the Commander of the Faithful Uthman ra? Result obtained by them is humility and humiliation, because they rebelled to the Commander of the Faithful and killed him. And the musliminpun (until now) always overwritten various humility, humiliation, and damage.

And likewise the right part of government (which we must exert) is that we remain patient in the pass, despite its partial damage. It is lighter than out of obedience to him. Therefore, Prophet oblige to obey the government, not for apostasy from Islam, though he was a wicked and dzalim. Due to be patient over the damage that nature is a partial preventive measures against the emergence of greater damage. And do the lightest among the two cases dangerous to reject the most severe case of both, then this is the case most ma'ruf (good).

This is the difference between ignorant people and people of Islam in the attitude to the government. People principled ignorance, will not be obedient to the government. They judge that the stick is a humility and humiliation. While the teachings of Islam ordered the Muslims to obey the government, although they have wickedness and kedzaliman. Islam ordered the Muslims to remain patient with their attitude, because in it there is benefit for the Muslims.

As for out of obedience to him, will bring kemudharatan to the Muslims themselves. Even greater damage than the damage caused by the attitude stays above obedience to them. It is with a note, deviations that they do not remove them (ruler) of Islam. This is a great rule brought by Islam at large in addressing this matter.

As for those ignorant, as the explanations that have been past, not the view will be obligatory to obey and comply with and be bound to the government. For example, those who disbelieve boasting a kebebaasan and democracy, what happens in their community today? They occur in society and animalistic savagery action, murder, robbery, moral decadence, crime and the fragility of security. Though they are large categories of countries that have forces in the field of weapons of destruction. Will tatapi their situation as a state animal, wal 'iyyadzu billah'. This is because they remain above what is held and carried out by ignorant people first.

He ordered his people to hear and obey the government. He was ordered to give advice to them in a confidential manner, that is between them (rulers) with those who advise him alone.

As for talk about their ugliness, they berate and talk about them behind their (backbiting), then this is an act of perfidy to them. Because this will awaken people to their hatred and make glad the bad guys. This is the attitude of treason to the government.

As for praying for good to them, did not mention the ugliness and lack of them in assemblies, then this is the advice for them.

Whoever has a desire to advise a leader, so he could deliver it personally either by oral or written. Or the way through people who have a track with the leader is to be submitted to him. And if the delivery of advice was not possible, then he is in this case ma'dzur, has udzur.

But when he was in the assemblies, or in the pulpit, or in front of the studio recordings, and he denounced, and it degrades the government, then it is not advice, but this is a form of betrayal to him. The definition includes advice for their kindness to pray for them, cover the disgrace and gaps, and do not express it in public. And includes advice to the government is running the job that the government is charged to employees and workers, and promised to run it well

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