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Imam Al-Ghazaly

Actually there are three levels of fasting: ordinary, special and very special.
Normal fasting, the intention is to hold ourselves to eat, drink and biological relationship between husband and wife within a certain timeframe.
Fasting particular, the intention is to keep the ear, eye, tongue, hands and feet and also other limbs of sin.

Moderate fasting is very special, the intention is to prevent fast heart from thinking about the case of contempt and worldly matters, there is only the remembrance of Allah swt. and the hereafter. This type of fasting would be considered null and void when it comes to worldly matters considering the case but Allah and not for the hereafter. Fasting is done by considering the case is null and worldly matters, except the push towards the understanding of religion, because this is a sign to remember the Hereafter, and are not included in the worldly.

Those who enter into a very special level of fasting would feel guilty if the days are just filled with things that can break the fast. This guilt stems from a sense of sertajanji'm not sure of the gift of God Almighty. for moderation (with) his sustenance.
For this third level is a property or can only be achieved by the Apostles, the saints of God and those who are always trying to get closer to Him. It is not sufficiently described with words, because it has become evident in the action (the action). Their purpose was purely devoted (dedicated) to Allah swt, ignoring everything but Him. Related to the meaning of the word of Allah, "Say, God! Then let them play around in the astray." (Q s. 6: 91).

Terms of Mind
Special Fasting is a type of worship as practiced by the righteous. Fasting means keeping the whole human organs in order not to sin and must also meet the sixth condition:

1. Not Seeing What hated Allah.
One thing that is holy, refrain from looking at something that was denounced (makruh), or which can be put about and ignore the heart of the remembrance of Allah swt. Prophet Muhammad. said, "the view is one of the poisoned arrows of Satan's, who have been cursed God. Whoever maintain his view, purely out of fear of Him, Allah swt.'ll give faith, as the sweet taste obtained from the heart." ( hr al-Hakim, authentic hadith). Jabir relates from Anas that the Messenger of Allah.has said, "There are five things a person can break the fast: lying, mengurnpat, spread issues (defamation), swear falsely, and gaze with lust."

2. Keeping Speech
Keeping the tongue (oral) of the words in vain, lying, cursing, slander, say nasty and rude, blurting out words of hostility (conflict and controversy); with more silence, Dhikr and read the [reviewing] al-Qur ' an. This is an oral fasting. Said Sufyan said, "Verily, swearing will affect your fast! Layth quotes Mujahid who said, 'There are two things that ruin the fast, which is cursed and lied."
Prophet. said, "Fasting is a shield. So whoever among you are fasting not to say vile and ignorant, if there are people who attack or memakimu, say, I'm fast! I'm fasting '!" (H.r. Bukhari, Muslim).

3. Keeping Hearing
Keeping the hearing of everything reprehensible; because every thing is forbidden to say also forbidden to be heard. That is why Allah Almighty. does not distinguish between people who like to hear (the forbidden) with those who love to eat (haram). In the Qur'an Allah. said, "They love to hear lies, and consuming no halal." (Q.s. 5: 42).
Likewise in another verse, Allah swt. said, "Why did the rabbis and priests among them does not prohibit them from utter sin and eaten the forbidden?" (Q.s. 5: 63).

Therefore, it should be quiet and away from the detractors. Allah swt. says in His revelation, 'If you (still sitting with them), indeed, thou like them ... "(Q, 4: 140). That is why the Messenger of Allah. said," The curse and the audience, and association in sin. "( hr at Tirmidhi).

4. Keeping Attitudes Behavior
Keeping all other limbs from sin: the feet and hands away from the makruh deeds, and keep the stomach from questionable food halal status (doubtful) when fasting.Fasting does not mean anything if done by refraining from eating the halal and haram food just break the fast with. Whoever fasted as such, like a man building a castle, but knocking down the town. Halal food will also cause harm, not because of their quality but because of the amount. So fasting is intended to overcome it.Because of fears whipped, or due to prolonged illness, a person can take medication to excess.
But it certainly does not make sense then there is a change drug with poison.Haram food is poison harmful to the religious life; is being halal food like medicine, which will provide benefits if eaten in sufficient quantities, is not the case in excessive amounts. Indeed, the purpose of fasting is to encourage the birth of the mid stance.

The Prophet said, "How many people who do not get something fast, except hunger and thirst alone!" (H.r. an Nasa'i, Ibn Majah). It's there that mean to people who break their fast with food but unlawful. But some are interpreting a person who is fasting, abstaining from food is kosher, but breaking with flesh and blood human beings, because they had ruined his fast with a curse to others. Others interpret that they are fasting but did not keep his limbs from sin.
5. Avoiding Excessive Eating
Breaking the fast with a meal that is not excessive, so the chest cavity becomes congested. No bag is more disliked God Almighty. other than a full stomach (excessive) with halal food. Can fasting be useful as a way to defeat the enemies of Allah. and controlling the passions, when we break their stomachs crammed with what we usually eat during the day? Moreover, usually in the month of fasting is still provided additional food, which was on a typical day is not available.

Indeed the essence of fasting is to weaken the power which is used by Satan to bring us toward evil. Therefore, it is more important (essential) if it is able to reduce the portion in the month of Ramadan dinner than night night outside of Ramadan, when not fasting. Therefore it will not benefit at the time of fasting when kept eating the usual meals eaten on the day weekdays. In fact, it is recommended to reduce sleep during the day, hoping to feel the weakening of physical strength, which will be delivered to the purification of the soul.

Therefore, whoever has been "put" the bag of food between the heart and chest, would be blind to that gift. Although the stomach is empty, not necessarily raised the hijab (veil) that lie between him and God, unless it has been able to empty the mind and fill it with remembering Allah swt. alone. Thus is the culmination of everything, and starting point of all this is to clear the stomach of food.

6. Jump to Allah. with Fear and Hope
After breaking the fast, the heart should swing swinging between fear (khauf) and hope that [king ']. Because whoever does not know whether his fast that he received, including those who receive His gifts as well as people close to him, or his fast not accepted, so he became someone who was denounced by him.Thoughts like these that should be present in every person who has finished executing a service.

From al Hasan ibn Abil Hasan al-Basri, that a group of people when melintaslah while laughing uproariously. Hasan al-Basri and said, 'Allah. Ramadan as a month has made the race. At which point his servants vying with each other in worship.Some of them get to the final point first, and win, while others are left behind and lost. It is amazing to find someone who can still laugh out loud and play in between (state) when they are lucky to earn the victory, and they are the losers get nothing.By Allah, if the hijab is closed, those who do good will be met (the reward) his good deeds, and those who commit crimes blamed also met by the had done. "In other words, people who received his fast will rejoice, while those who refused to be closed her laughter.
From al Ahnaf bin Qais, that one day someone said to him, "You have parents; fasting will be melemahkanmu." But al Ahnaf even answered, "By fasting, actually I'm preparing myself for a long trip. Be patient in obeying Allah. Will certainly be easier than endure his punishment."
Thus, it is the significant meaning of fasting.

Importance of Addressing Aspects of aspect (Terms) Inner
Now you might say, "By holding eating, drinking and sexual desire, without having to pay attention to those inner conditions are valid. In the opinion of jurists, too, that fasting in question can already be said to qualify, are legitimate. So why should we bother bother? "

You must realize that the scholars of fiqh have set the terms of the fast outward with the arguments are weaker than the arguments supporting the proposition that the terms inner need fulfilled the requirements. For example, the cursing and the like. However keep in mind, that the scholars of fiqh fasting looked liability limits by only considering the capacity of ordinary people who often lax, easily caught up in worldly affairs.

Whereas those who have knowledge of the End, will consider seriously and comply with the terms inner, so that legitimate and acceptable worship.
This way they achieve by carrying out the terms that will be delivered to the destination. According to their understanding, fasting is one way to appreciate one of the morals of Allah, that is the place to ask (shamadiyyah), as well as examples of the angels, to the extent possible to avoid the temptation of lust, because angels are creatures free from a similar impetus.

Human being has a degree above the animal, because it has a reasonable guidance will always be able to control his lust; but he is inferior (slightly lower) than the angels, because it is still dominated by the passions, so he must try to overcome the temptations of his desires.

Whenever a man ruled by his desires, then he will fall in the lowest levels, so there is no place else other than with animals. Whenever he is able to handle it, then he will be raised to the level of angels. Angels are beings who are closest to Allah, the angels thus became an example for the creatures who wanted to be close to God. Of course with all the worship will make ourselves closer to Him. It's just not in the sense close in dimensions of space, but rather on the proximity of nature.
If so that is the secret of fasting for those who have the depth of spiritual understanding, whether the benefits of combining the two (portions) meal at sunset, while satisfying other desires are retained when the daytime. And even if it so, then what is the meaning of the Hadith the Prophet. which reads, "How many people who fasted did not get anything other than hunger and thirst?"

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