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Verses Dhikr

Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn Araby

"So dzikirlah to Me, then I Dhikr to you."
Meaning, dzikirlah obedient unto me by answering, with obedience, with the will, then I remember thee grace dfengan overflow, overflow

penempuhan road through to me and Nurul Yaqin overflow.
"That is the dhikr of Allah by standing and sitting and sleeping and the long vigil in the creation of the heavens and the earth. Our Lord You have not created all these vanity.Glory ngkau, then protect us from the torment of hell. "
"That is the dhikr of Allah" in all conditions, with a variety of situations.

"By standing" in the Spirit and Musyahadah maqom.
"And sitting" in the heart through Mukasyafah position.
"And sleep" ie when the position they are in the throes of lust position, through Mujahadah (struggle against the passions. "
"And the vigil" to the depths of the soul that in a pure and clean from dirt imagination.
"In the creation of the heavens and the earth." That is the creation of the spirit and physical nature, then bermunajat, when bermusyahadah:

"Our Lord You have not created all these vanity." Vanity aadalah means something other than yourself, because besides you is vanity, even thou make it as expression of Asma 'and your character.

"Glory to Thee," Truly Blessed art thou, if found besides you, that everything no matter where you must accompany it.
"And protect us from the torment of hell." From Hell veil of the universe from Af'al-af'alMu, and hijab Af'al of your nature, from the nature of DzatMu Hijab, complete with sufficient protection.

"O ye who believe! Berdzikirlah dhikr Allah by as much as possible, and bersabihlah Him in the morning and evening."

"O ye who believe! Berdzikirlah dhikr Allah by as much as possible," by Lisan at Maqom Nafu, to Present at Maqom Qalbu, with Munajat in Maqom Sirr, and with Musyahadah in Maqom Ruh, as well as in Maqom Wushul KHafa ', and Fana 'in Maqom Essence.

"And bersabihlah Him" ​​through the effort of entering Tajrid Af'al, Nature and Essence.

"In the morning" when the time dawn light heart.
"And the evening." When the darkness comes lust, and the evening sun's disappearance Spirit through annihilated in Essence. Ie from dawn until light hearted mortal 'in eternity forever.

"That those who believe and whose hearts find satisfaction in the dhikr of Allah.Remember the remembrance of Allah hearts so serene. "(Ar-Ra'd: 28)

"That the people who believe" that those who know him his heart back.

"And their hearts find satisfaction in the dhikr of Allah. Remember the remembrance of Allah hearts so serene. "."

With a passion dhikr through Oral, and in favor Tafakkur-pleasure, or Dhikr Qalbu through reflection on the nature Malakut, looking at properties and Most Beautiful Supreme magnificence.

In qualifying there dhikr:
• Lust Dhikr with Oral and reflect the joy.
• Dhikr Qalbu by viewing its properties.
• Dhikr Sirr with Munajat.
• Spirit with Musyahadah Dhikr.
Dhikr • Silent Soul (Khafa ') with a longing ma'syuk fun.
• Dhikrullah with mortal 'in Him.

Lust is always experiencing the feel cramped when his character and his words appear, to affect the liver. When the dhikr of Allah, so calm passions and doubts sirnalah (warily) as the Prophet: "Verily Satan put his trunk in the human heart, and when human beings dhikr, he withdrew, until the heart so calm."

So also the heart Dhikr in nature and view the world Malakut Jabarut. All dhikr does not occur except after awakening a sense of peace. While the charity; pious there as a "cleansing" and "periasan soul".
"Undoubtedly Dhikr of Allah is greater" (Al-Ankabut)
That is Dhikr Essence in Maqom Fana 'Pure and Rahmat Allah in Maqom Tamkin (spiritual independence with Him) in Maqom Baqo' is greater than all existing dhikr.
"And when the prayer has been accomplished so menebarlah on earth and go for the grace of God, and berdzikirlah as much as possible so that you achieve happiness." (Al-Gomaa: 10)

"And when the prayer has been accomplished so menebarlah on earth" is a command to bertebar in the dust of the earth and reached for the grace of God after the prayer. All of that as a cue to return to the decomposition after the servant annihilated in Al-Jam'u maqom (maqom blends with God) in the nature of prayer.

Because it quits in maqom al-Hijab Jam'u is the God of creation, the Essence of Nature hijab.

So "berurai" is being turned in nature when the conditions of Al-Baqo 'after Fana' with the Essential Being and walk with God in kemakhlukan, and gain fadhal God, which is reaching the parts Tajallinya Asma 'and nature, and returned to earth Maqom lust, lust and harmonize human with God Almighty.

"Dann berdzikirlah as much as possible." Namely hadirkanlah Single Essential Unity in shades of "Many" its properties. That he is not veiled by the "diversity of many" of KemahatunggalanNya, away from the misguided after earning guidance, and discipline is always continuous in Istiqomah in the alignment and the [fulfillment of God's Rights and Human beings simultaneously; keep the "Mix" and "explained" simultaneously as well.

"In order for you achieve happiness" with the back, great enangan, yaityu wisdom to "blend".

"And who is more dzolim compared to those who obstruct remembering God's name in the mosques of Allah, and try to knock it down?" (Al-Baqoroh: 114)

Who is more dzolim and more destroyed than the people who undermine the truth of God Almighty, who menhalabngi mosques are places prostration to Allah, who was none other than the heart-the heart of faith, which in dlamnya know God Almighty. Until the heart bowed down with Essence of mortality.

Because the heart is called His name in Dhikr of Ismul A'dzom (Great Name), because Ismul A'dzom it will not appear except in heart, namely Tajallinya Essence in all of nature, or asthma specifically, each of which there are Plenary berselaras the readiness of his servant heart.

So the most dzolim also try knocking down mosques that dhikr heart from the way it dirty, beat interfere with a variety of imagination, with a mixture of a damaging slander in it, which dragged lust and satan, doubt and disorders.

In the world they are untouchable, because batilnya akidahnya religion and, in addition to its efforts undermine the truth of the religion of Allah Almighty, while the punishment in the hereafter they won big, which is veiled from God Almighty, for his belief.

"In homes, God allows His name diluhurkan and called. In it he bertabih Him morning and evening. "

"Those men are not neglected by the trade and sale and purchase, from the remembrance of Allah ..." (An-Nur 36)

"In homes," hearts of believers, God gives guidance to the desired location in various stages.

"God allowed His name diluhurkan" elevated buildings, diluhurkan degree-degree.
"And called," in remembrance, Asthma with his verbal, and berakhlaq mujahadah with a variety of manners in maqom lust, and the presence of liver, muroqobah, noble in character with the nature of the heart maqom ..
Besides Munajat, dialogue and the realization of the essence in maqom Sirr (Secret Qalbu), as well as in the light Musyahadah Maqom Ruh, sink, covered, and annihilated in Maqom Essence.

"In it he bertabih Him morning and evening." Through Tanzih, Tawheed, Tajrid and Tafrid, both in the morning and the afternoon tajalli curtain.

"The men" are those who are classified as individuals who quickly rushed toward God, dismissing everything but God, alone with God, and rise with God Almighty.
"What is not neglected by the trade and sale and purchase," with no exchange with the world zuhudnya contempt, also did not sell himself with his property, "the remembrance of Allah ..."

(This article is part of Penafsirasn Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn 'Araby surrounding verses about Dhikrullah, and many verses of remembrance that we have not quoted. Editor simply quoting from his Sufi Tafsir "Tafsirul Qur'anil' Adzim," Dar al-Fikr, Beirut.)

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