Friday, September 23, 2011

Secret Heart (Sirr)

Sheikh Abu Nasr as-Sarraj.
Some Sufis say, "Secrets of the liver (sirr) is something that can not be felt by the turmoil soul (an-nafs), which was used as magical secret by al-Haq and always supervised."

Other Sufis say, "That secret is there are two kinds: Secrets for al-Haq, which is something that always watched him without any intermediary, and the secret to being where he always watched him with an intermediary."

It says, "That secret is the secret and to secret, he is a of truth and will not appear unless the haq. While what appears on the creature then it's not a secret.

Narrated from al-Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj - rahimahullah - who said, "Our secrets are the` girl 'that virginity can not be torn down by the fantasy of a dreamer. "

Abu Ya'qub Yusuf ibn al-Husayn al-Razi - rahimahullah - said, "The heart of the figures is the cemetery that holds many secrets."
He also said, "If my shirt buttoned to know my secret! then I'll take it off. "

Some of them were expressed in a string of poems:
People who can feel
He really has
hide all
Both are in secret
feel happy
It is no secret that people
be happy
signaled by
secret heart
because of him and her
he was equally fooled

Another said:
O secret of all
secrets of a supremely soft
so vague allegations
all living
And the spiritual and physical
looks of things
for everything else
An-Nuri had said:
I swear, it will not
entrust my secrets and
to other than our
would all be secret
No, my eyes already
although see at a glance
Our secret is also seen
by the sight of each eye
But the alleged kujadikan
between me and him
as intermediaries that
able to disclose
confidential content

These are the problems they are up to us, where the actual problems they are still many more that have not been revealed.
Told from Amr ibn Uthman al-Makki - rahimahullah who said, "All science is diparo into two parts: the first half is the question, and the other half is the answer." - May God always gives us taufik.
"He is forgetting dhikr. Namely forget your remembrance of Allah Ta'ala. and forgetting everything except God Almighty and wajalla. "

Glory (Karamah)
Some Sufis say, that Karamah (glory) is reached before the emergence of what will of god (desire). While other Sufis say that the glory is giving above what is expected.

When al-Harith al-Muhasibi - rahimahullah - ¬ asked to think about, he said, "Thought is in doing things with al-Haq."
Sufis say, "Thinking is taking lessons properly."
Meanwhile, other Sufis say, "Thought is a condition glorify Allah Almighty that filled my heart." While the distinction between thought and thought (tafakkur), is that thinking (tafakkur) is a wandering heart, while the thought is that the cessation of the heart in understanding what he knew.

Taking Lessons (I'tibar)
Al-Harith ibn Asad al-Muhasibi - rahimahullah - said, "Take a lesson (i` Tibar) is to make something as an argument over something else. "While the other according to the Sufis," I `Tibar is something in which there is faith clearly and be understood by reason. "
Other Sufis say, "I` Tibar is something that can penetrate magic with nothing that could - in the way. "

Whether the intention was? "The Sufis say," Intention is a strong intent to do something. "While other Sufis say," The intention is to know the name of the deeds (charity). "
Al Junaid - rahimahullah - said, "The intention is to draw ¬ deed." While others have said, "The intention of a believer is God the Most High."

Truth (Ash-Shawab)
Is ash-shawab (truth) it? According to a people, ash-shawab menauhidkan only God alone. Al Junaid - rahimahullah - said, "The truth is every utterance that comes from His permission."

Al Junaid - rahimahullah - was once asked, "What is a feeling of compassion for fellow beings?" Then he answered, "You give them something of yourself that they need, not burden them with something they are not capable of doing and not talking with them about something they do not understand it. "

Sufis say, "piety is the practice problems and don'ts." Sufis others have said, "piety is to leave things that are doubtful." The others also said, "piety is a symbol of the sanctity of the believers, as the Kaaba as a symbol the sanctity of Mecca. "It says," piety is a light in the heart that can distinguish between the Truth and falsehood. "
Sahl bin Abdullah al-Junaid, al-Harith and Abu al-Said Muhasibi - rahimahumullah - said, "piety is the secret of the heart with a balance between outward-looking."

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