Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fafiru Ilallah (Run to Allah)

Amid the waves of life that makes slumped, sore and hurt. There is no more effort and resources than just running to God, pleading for His help. Miracles amid the temptations that are so real. God provides for His servants who begged for help. That's what happened to a mother that while her family and slammed with a variety of test trials. His house will be confiscated by the bank. Stay a few days the bank officer will conduct a foreclosure. Her family could only weep with sadness. 'I have to be tough, exchanging grief with hope' he said. 'Hope is the only pray only to God, begging Him for help. besides the obligatory prayers, my prayers every night tahajud felt tears had dried up. "heartbreaking sobs sounded.

That morning all the families covered by the plaintive cry on the porch, waiting for the moments of our home foreclosures. We want to see our house for the last time. The house where the children were born and raised with love and affection. The neighbors could not help touching to see us. The neighbors present waiting for a bank officer is present. Suddenly we were startled by the arrival of a letter of cancellation of arrest. Subhanallah, Glory to God. He screamed with delight. Her prayer was heard by God. Her husband always reminded that at this stage of test and trial always come and go. Whether true or not words husbands, this event further cemented himself and his family for the steady road to please Allah. Following in the exam, his son dikelopak swollen eyes. According to the doctor's examination he required surgery. Waktunyapun been determined, a few days. Medically he believes that surgery is the only way to heal the sick son. But do not forget to say a prayer to God himself. Every night he prayed tahajud run.

'Subhanallah, before falling dash operation. Dikelopak eye disease that was my son disappeared and healed. At first I hesitated, how is it possible to get rid of? We then went to a specialist and my son declared cured until the doctor is also confused and asked if I had gone to another doctor? "he said wiping his tears with a continued trickle. God really was testing himself and his family, when it passed them all rmah ladder of life is so wonderful and now as owner of the restaurant is quite crowded, family life has become more peaceful and happy. Although hard work is a habit but an obligation to pray five times more to make himself and his family even more excited to carry it out. 'And I've agreed with her husband and children to set aside income to house our restaurant Amalia. It was rizki we obtained our lives become increasingly abundant blessing, full of peace. "Said he.

'Treat people who are sick with shodaqoh, bentengilah your property with charity, and deny yourselves of disaster by praying (Narrated by Bayhaqi)

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  1. BErsukur akan apa yg di berikan Allah adalah hal yang indah