Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mate, Love And Wealth

No one takes into account the property of the person who will be the husband or wife, because the property is also a need for authority and the human secondary. Property values ​​but not on the amount of which and for what. If people get a lot of business property is lawful, then it is God's gift, and if the property is a lot of it is used to make as much benefit for the family, society and nation, then that is the greatest worship. Therefore obsessi people on the property (while it is thinking, doing research, while it is initiated) is to be meaningful worship. The birth of love it like a treasure, but essentially he is a person who was digging the grace of God. Subsequently when it was successful in gathering wealth, the challenge is to what the treasure is, to satisfy his lust with a spree Spree? to build the family empire that is guaranteed period of seven kerunannya depannnya? or to increase the ability to defend the truth and the welfare of the people evenly?
Human behavior is also influenced by the pattern of consumption. Nutritious food that will have positive influence on physical and mental abilities, which are less nutritious foods will make a person physically weak and mentally weak could be. Similarly, the halal food will make the consumers have the ethos of halal and kosher easy to perform acts, resistance to unlawful acts. Instead nutritious food that is haram even encourage consumers will easily do anything unlawful. The Prophet said in his Hadith, that piece of meat in our bodies comes from haram foods will encourage the behavior that leads us to hell (qith `at al lahmi min al haram ahaqqu ila's true). Prophet also said, what the devil was walking in the human body following the path of blood circulation. This means that the person whose life is brought up by the product devil (evil) and he will always be drawn on a dickens act (crime).
Is wrong, expect eternal happiness in the household to rely solely on material well-being. Material happiness will be the robustness of faith if the person involved hard work and lawful as acquired. Former poor people who later went on to become a wealthy person in lawful, he would be told of her past poverty with a beautiful smile. Instead of poor people who used to be the heir to great wealth, but then went bankrupt because they do not have the right work ethic, he sadly and bitterly recounted his past glory. The beauty is if the household from the beginning, the couple's chance to go through stages of life's struggle to succeed together. Next is the happiness of the parents, if successfully passed the ethos of hard work and lawful to the children, not just inherit a lot of wealth. Of course quite a fortune, if a woman is wooed by a pious man, as a young man was lucky to get a faithful wife and sholehah. Continue to be equally rich and blessed be, bring the sake of the world hereafter.

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