Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beautiful patience

Throughout our lives, trials and temptations come and go because of the meaning of life itself is how to deal with it. Trials and temptations of life is a challenge that will sort out where people are time-tested and where the weak, Where are those who believe and where people do not believe. For the life of a believer will always bring good luck because he was grateful when obtaining favors and be patient when facing difficulties. Instead unbelievers always unlucky, when obtaining favors he forgot himself, and when faced with severe difficulties he had forgotten memories. Patient is stable without complaining in the face of trials and obstacles, in a certain period, in order to achieve the goal. Islam teaches patience was wonderful.
First, stand in the face of the first blow. Prophet once said, Innamassabru indassad matil uulaa. Meaning: Patience really is when faced with the first blow.
Second, when a misfortune befalls, immediately remembering Allah and beg forgiveness. The Word of God, '(Those who are patient) who when a misfortune befalls them, say,' surely we are Allah's and indeed to Him we shall return. '(Al-Baqara: 156).
Third, do not reveal musibahnya to others, as exemplified by the wife of Abu Talkhah (Umm Sulaim) when it left his son dead. (Reported by Muslim narrated in the hadith).
Fourth, the patient with all the trials with sincerity to Allah. Allah says in the hadith Qudsy, 'My servant is faithful, who resigned to be patient with her lover in me when I call back (dead), to which no proper reply from me other than heaven. "(Narrated by Bukhari)Best Peoplekeyword: short Kultum, Kultum example, Kultum about the patient, short Kultum, Kultum about sincerity, Kultum funny, short Kultum Islam, a collection of short Kultum, examples of short lectures islam, Kultum impatient, short wah, a collection of short speeches, example of short Kultum, Kultum about patience, Islamic Kultum brief, brief Kultum patient, islam Kultum brief, brief Kultum sincere, Islamic lectures about the patient, patient and sincere wisdom, patience in islam, Kultum example of patience, wisdom of patience in islam, Kultum example of sincerity, examples of short speeches islami, islami Kultum best, Kultum examples, examples of short speeches, example Kultum example, the hadith about the trials of life

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