Friday, September 9, 2011

The spirit should not perish (Ruh yg tidak dapat binasa)

Spirit bear is a mandate that special human soul (ar-Ruhul khassah lil Insaan). What we mean by mastery of the mandate is taklif promise in the form of openness to the possibility of obtaining a reward and punishment with obedience and rebellion. This spirit is never die nor perish, instead it immortal after death; both the pleasure and happiness or in Jahannam and misery. That's the spirit of the place ma'rifat. Basically, the soil does not take the place of faith and ma'rifat, as revealed by the Hadith and witnessed by the testimonies of contemplation. Religious teachings prohibit researching the nature and characteristics of the soul, because that could reach only those who in-depth knowledge (arrasyikhuna fil-ilmi).

How can it be spoken or narrated, but the spirit that has amazing characteristics that have not been able to captured or ingested by most of the mind or one of the holes from the pits of hell, because its relationship with the body only uses the body as an instrument of knowledge through the hunter net means senses. Thus, agency or body is a tool, vehicle and nets spirit. Extinction or destruction of equipment, damage to vehicles and the nets do not require destruction of the hunter.

True, if the nets or traps were damaged after a hunt, then the damage (doom) is the booty, because she was spared from the load. For this reason, the Prophet. said, "Death is something that is precious to believers."

If the nets were damaged before the expiration of hunting, what happens is a loss, regret and profound sorrow. For this reason, people neglect to say:
"My Lord, I restore (the world) that I do good works to which I have left." (Surat Al-Mu'minun: 99-100).

However, if he likes on the world, enjoy it and his heart loved him, then he also beautify the shape of what is related to the world, then the punishment that befell him became two-fold: First, losses due to expiry of hunting that can only be done by nets of the body.Second, following a net loss of his love towards the net.
This is one of the principle of knowledge about the grave. If it continues to investigate in depth, you will know for certain nature.

Perhaps you want to investigate it in depth to know its nature. Here you need to know, that this book does not cover it; you simply feel satisfied with smaller samples. You should understand that death is the thing that destroy the body. You know, that the destruction of the hand is when the hand is no longer obey you, even though his physical remains intact, while its power was paralyzed. With it you can harness the power of the hand.
So, you must understand and understand that death is the destruction of the body's energy force. Then it ruin your death, the hands, feet, eyes and all your senses, while you yourself remain eternal. That is the nature or your identity, where the identity, it is you.

Now you are human like in a state of infancy, and perhaps none of the bodies that you attached to yourself. Everything was gone, and it could happen with any food as his successor. While you are you, your body is not the body that.

If you have a girlfriend that you really miss, through your senses, then the breakup with your lover it is a very painful punishment.

The whole world of delights and pleasures are very loved and missed, but can not be achieved except by the senses. It makes no difference torture for the drunk love, whether it is separated with his girlfriend or he is restricted by the curtain and the pupils of her eyes gouged out as punishment. Or she was abducted from her lover to a place, until he could not see it. Pain they experienced because they can not see or look at it.

The person who loves wealth, family, home furnishings, slave woman and her clothing, feel the pain when parting with all that. Are all the objects of the world's deprived people or he himself kept out of these objects, such as when hartabenda was moved to another place, then built a curtain between himself and his belongings were.
Mautlah that destroy you and the property, he becomes a wall between yourself. Sense of torment and pain that happens to you depending upon what you love and love these items.

Death brings you to God, and decide your relationship with all our senses are busy and confusing. The pleasures and delights you stand before God depends on the level of your love to Him, you remember the fun and call Him. Therefore, Allah warns you, He says in the Hadith Qudsi, "I am a definite portion, and then make sure your department prepared to be persistent."

Most complete expression to describe the enjoyment and happiness of heaven is, "It's for them in heaven is what they enjoy and they like."
The most perfect expression to represent and describe the punishment of the hereafter is the word of God, which reads:
"And prevented them with what they desire." (Surat Saba ': 54).

That makes it just tastes delicious, but the delicacy that appears when you meet with what is desirable, and there was nothing sad, except taste, too. Despair comes when parting with a loved what.

Now you do not get fooled by stating, "If this is the cause of the punishment of the grave, then akujelas free and safe from the punishment of those, because there are no ties between my soul with worldly pleasures."

It will not be able to know the truth, as long as you do not throw the world and out of the world completely. How many men selling female slave, with the notion that there is no connection between her heart anything with him. However, after the slave woman was brought by the purchaser, his heart burning in the fire separation, and continued to flare.In fact, might therefore he committed suicide, by drowning themselves in rivers or oceans, or burn yourself on fire.

Similarly with you in the grave condition of all earthly things are liked by your heart. For this reason, the Prophet. said, "Love what you love, because in fact you will split up and leave."

Behind this there is more devastating punishment from above, of regret when he was prevented from looking at the face of Allah, the Exalted.

The amount of value lost revealed by death, although before the die is very small value according to you, because death is the cause of ketersingkapan, ketampakan not previously visible. As sleep is the cause of the exposure of the supernatural, through symbols or no symbol.

Sleep is the brother of death. It's just a lower value. Those are the two forms of punishment which doubled for each of the dead, because it is more loving than God.Aimed at joy than the love of God other than Him. Both are very important, if you know the nature of the soul and immortality in the afterlife, and the relationship or its implications, and things that are counterproductive and consistent human instinct.

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