Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adab-adab in reading the Quran

1. Purification ritual
2. Clean mouth with miswak
3. Reading the Qur'an in a clean
4. Sit facing the Qiblah with khusyu ', slow down, appreciate as he bowed his head
5. Ta'awudz read when starting to read it in a voice hardened, ie read "A'udzubillahi minasyaithaanirrajiim"
6. Reading with Tartil, slowly
7. Tadabbur (appreciate)
8. Crying and trying to cry (in the verses of threat)
9. Enhance voice bacaanya
10. Bacaanya if his voice does not bother the people who were praying, the man who was sleeping, and who is reading
11. Not talking to anyone at the time to read, except for emergency and urgent nature
12. Read the Qur'an Manuscripts
13. No laughs, no bersendau joke and not looking at something that could make her turn

Source: Aadaab Islamiyah, Muslim Daily Adab Exemplary works 'Abdul Hamid bin' As-Suhaibani Abdirrahman. Reader Ibn Kathir

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