Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The fall in the Qur'an 2 models: Ibtidaiiyah and sababiyah

The fall in the Qur'an is divided into 2 types:

1. Elementary, which is the verse that precedes a fall without in any way and most of the verses of the Qur'an, including this species, among them the word of Allah Almighty

ومنهم من عاهد الله لئن آتانا من فضله لنصدقن ولنكونن من الصالحين

"And among them there are people who have vowed to God: Verily if God gives sebahagian His gift to us, surely we will give alms and surely we are including people who are righteous" (At-Tauba: 75)

This clause down without any reason to explain the state of hypocrites. As known so far that this verse was revealed because Tsa'labah bin Hatib in a long story mentioned by many commentators as well as many shared by the speaker, then this assumption is weak and not true.

2. Sababiyah, the decline in verse which is preceded by a specific reason. Among the reasons are:

a) Answer Allah Almighty to a question, eg

يسألونك عن الأهلة قل هي مواقيت للناس والحج

"They ask thee concerning Crescent. Say: 'Crescent it is the signs of time for mankind and for pilgrimage'" (Al-Baqarah: 189)

b) An incident that requires explanation or warning, for example:

ولئن سألتهم ليقولن إنما كنا نخوض ونلعب

"And when you ask them they will say: we really only bersendau joke and play around it" (At-Tauba: 65)

This paragraph and thereafter, down to a hypocrite who says in times of war Tabuk "Never had we seen the experts read the Quran like this, people are more distended stomach, over his verbal lies, and more cowardly in battle" ( they are referring to the Holy Prophet and his companions). Then the news came to the Messenger of Allah then this verse came down. The hypocrites came to apologize, then the Prophet replied:

أبالله وآياته ورسوله كنتم تستهزئون

"Are the Signs of Allah and His Messenger, you jest?" (At-Tauba: 65)

c) A case of reality that require legal clarification, for example the word of Allah Almighty

قد سمع الله قول التي تجادلك في زوجها وتشتكي إلى الله والله يسمع تحاوركما إن الله سميع بصير

'Allah has heard the words of the woman who sued her husband and complain to you about the case to God. And God heard the conversation you two. Allah is Hearer, the Seer "(Al-Mujadilah: 1)

Source: Usul Fit Tafsiir, Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen. Indonesian Edition: How Do We Understand the Quran Publisher Tawhid Light

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