Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Choose between God or regulated passions

In the animal world, the aspect of freedom in all things is very prominent. But the freedom prevailing in the world of creatures that's perfectly natural. Children impregnate their mother would not matter taboo. And the parent preyed his son, also open an act of sadism. Loud noises at any tempatpun not a mistake. Because once again, in the animal kingdom there are no binding rules, no norms that limit and special Shari'a rolled out for them as 'bermuamalah' with each other.

Of course, there are very big differences between animal and human world. Human beings are civilized. In particular Allah bestow human mind, heart and soul that is straight. Allah's mercy for them continues to send the apostles to keep them from deviation and warn them from straying. Allah did not let them out without assistance and guidance from Him. That way, all their organs will function properly to hear and perform the commandments of God Almighty, Essence of the Creator.

That's the body's organs functioning essentially, that is used profusely for obedience to Him, not used to violate and oppose his rule. Not surprisingly, when the munafikin called the silent, deaf and blind, because the three organs are not they functioned as his means of obtaining guidance and obedience to Him. Allah Almighty says about them:

"They are deaf, dumb and blind, then they will not return (to the right path)" (Al-Baqarah :17-18)

So the verdict for them in this world for not heeding the Shari'a and the guidance of God Almighty, in spite of lip acknowledged as the Muslims. This applies to anyone who has as their criteria.

In Islam, a person entitled to speak, argue, and act. However, it should not collide with all the signs of Islamic rule, the rule of the Divine which contains all the necessary good of mankind. If not, kehancuranlah that will happen. Both the devastation that struck the community, individual or a nation though. Because, as said by Imam Al-Syatibi rahimahullah in Muwaafaqaat, Islamic goal is to alleviate people from the snares mukallaf passions and ultimately obedient only to Allah and His Messenger.

When there is a reluctance to follow the Shari'a, or with other languages are reluctant to set Islam, basically he has given up her chains tangled passions that will always lead to ugliness. Yes, lust is only going to drag people to the darkness by darkness, with no light at all.

Strange indeed, escape from the rule of God Almighty to be a victim of lust with a broad meaning. Dare to speak evil with courage because it can guarantee the economy, spending the days in sin, seizing the property of others, menzhalimi innocent man, threw the lives of others without a justifiable reason, trampling on the honor others, this little example of translation from the noose of human lust.

In particular, what is voiced by liberal circles is contrary to the rules of God, even common sense was not able to receive it. Conscious or not, they were peddling garbage from Western nations who did want the destruction of Islam through "ghazwul Fikri" (the war of ideas). They knew it would be more effective if penyuara their ideas came from the Muslims. For that, people now need the very existence of the figure of the Caliph Umar ibn Khatab radhiallahu'anhu very firmly against the deviant thoughts. Formerly, a blow to the head successfully realize people have strange ideas about the verses of Allah swt.

May Allah restore the Ummah to follow the rules and glorify God of glory.

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